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Gold Hunting Adventures

Come along to the river and learn how the professionals find and pan gold. We conduct day trips for small groups, from a special family day out to tutoring the seasoned prospector.

 Traveling to our local gold fossicking areas and a working gold claim, we teach how and where to find gold nuggets using gold pans, sluice boxes and gold detectors. Our expert guides with years of experience also point out the do's and don'ts of safety in and around New Zealand rivers.

Our Services


Gold Panning 

We teach how the professionals pan for gold! Take home the gold you find in vial supplied by us.


Choosing the Right Detector

We'll give you advice on choosing the right detector for your requirements for your needs.


Gold Nugget Detecting 

Find those elusive gold nuggets in the rivers and mountains with the latest gold detectors.


Sluice Boxing 

Set up a sluice box and learn where to find gold pay dirt and how to put it through the sluice for maximum gold recovery.


Jewellery, Coin & Relic Detecting

Use a modern relic/jewellery detector to recover high value targets and avoid the rubbish.


New Zealand Geology 

Learn about how gold is formed and gets to the rivers. You'll even be able to track the mother load!

Our Services

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Gold Hunting Adventures
Gold Hunting Adventures
Gold Hunting Adventures
Gold Hunting Adventures
Gold Hunting Adventures
Gold Hunting Adventures
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the Gold

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